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2:22 AM Mon, Oct. 15th

Guest Column: In 2015, is all lost in America?

What does the future hold for the citizens of the United States? We need to look to the past to view our own future. The fall of the Roman Empire came about for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons was the government could not keep up with the demands of the people for more public baths, more circuses, more free housing and more free food for the mobs who did not work.

The Senate became a group of scoundrels who looted the treasury in the name of the general welfare. They crushed the middle class under taxes, exploitation and extortion. They let the public debt mount. They kept their "so-called allies" - aka enemies they wanted to keep happy and quiet - strong with gifts from their treasury. They forgot the laws of their founding fathers except when some politician wished to commit more infamy. Faith, character, morals, discipline, justice and, most of all, truth were all forgotten. The Roman Empire debased itself. It destroyed itself!

Now let us look at the America of 2014. We have a president who was a foreign exchange student before he was a community organizer, before he was a senator and now, as president, he disregards our Constitution and our laws. His signature "Obamacare" has major provisions that will cost trillions of dollars in new taxes. John Gruber, the MIT professor who engineered Obamacare, said it was a tax but the administration hid it. It was a deceitful fraud and they knew it could not pass if the American people knew the truth. Lies and more deceitful lies!

President Obama said he wanted to unite the people. Instead, he and his attorney general, Eric Holder, have fueled up racism. Both Holder and the president are divisive and racist to the extreme.

The president made an agreement on climate control with China that by law should have been brought to the Congress to vote on. Instead he did it illegally on his own. According to this agreement, the U.S. must drastically cut coal production in the next three years even though the U.S. only contributes 3 percent of the world's pollution while China, who like Russia contributes 60 percent of the pollution, does not have to take any action until 2030.

President Obama has perfected stonewalling when it comes to the U.S. producing our own fuel. Look how long he has stalled the Keystone pipeline. Right after Christmas the president stated he would never sign off on the Keystone pipeline as we do not need more private enterprise/jobs, instead we need more government provided public works projects, i.e. roads and bridges that would better benefit the citizens of the U.S. That pipeline would not only provide us fuel, it would provide thousands of jobs for U.S. citizens. We can't have that! Why, people would be able to support themselves and not depend on the government. What a tragedy!

The president won't let us drill in Southwest Colorado or Southeast Utah because we only have 5,000 Gunnison sage grouse. Therefore, he designated 1.4 million acres in that area as "Species Critical Habitat." No gas or oil may be drilled for. The owls moved and survived and multiplied, so will the Gunnison sage grouse.

In the president's secret talks with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he made a deal with Iran to let them continue building "peaceful nuclear energy" and even agreed to let Russia and China help them. None of this was brought to the Congress for a vote as required by U.S. law! It was done by presidential edict. If Iran gets nuclear capability, our president will be responsible for the destruction of Israel, and he knows it.

We have no borders, no laws and no common sense when it comes to illegal aliens. Our president would make them all citizens so they can take our jobs legally.

We have a president who may not be fiddling while the U.S. burns. Instead he chews gum and runs off to play golf when a U.S. citizen is beheaded by ISIS, which he says we just misunderstand.

What does 2015 hold for the United States of America? Bigger, inept government, higher taxes, uncontrolled illegal immigration and more citizens out of work unless the House, Senate and the American people get some very big brass ones and stop a president who seems hell bent on presiding over the fall of the United States of America.