Letter: Don't listen to the 'Chicken Littles'

The only people raving about America being "lost" are the Chicken Littles who always resort to false information.

Examples: "We have a president who was a foreign exchange student." Totally false and disproved hundreds of times. "... as president, he disregards our Constitution and our laws." Also incorrect and nothing more than hyperbolic nonsense.

"Both Holder and the president are divisive and racist to the extreme." Utterly ridiculous.

"The president made an agreement on climate control with China. He did it illegally on his own." Totally false.

"Look how long he has stalled the Keystone pipeline." Nothing has been "stalled," Congress has yet to hand him a bill - and when they do, hopefully he will veto it.

"In the president's secret talks with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei..." Always fascinating how the right "knows" all about "secret talks."

"We have no borders... " A silly comment at best, we have borders and the president has done more than his predecessor to enforce those borders and deport illegals.

"Bigger, inept government, higher taxes, uncontrolled illegal immigration and more citizens out of work." True, thanks to those putting power in the hands of the GOPers - never forget what they did to our nation under Bush.

The Chicken Littles will never acknowledge the accomplishments under President Obama, to wit, stock market up over 225 percent since he took office, unemployment at a seven-year low, gas prices falling under $2 a gallon (since Obama was blamed for high gas prices he must now be praised for low gas prices), GDP up nearly 9 percent, oil production up 25 percent with imports down 25 percent, exports up nearly 30 percent, deficit cut by more than half, bin Laden dead and the list goes on.

Chicken Littles are always wrong and their statements need to be closely checked for facts - something always missing from their rants.

Bob Moore

Lake Havasu City