Guest Column: Lo, the end is nigh ... or something

There is more than one kind of asylum in this world. You have Kingman and, indeed, the majority of Mohave County on the one hand. On the other hand, you have the Beforeitsnews website.

I've referenced its offerings a couple times at the Miner - the Galactic Federation Of Light's telepathic messages through prophets who all seem to live about eight miles south of downtown Los Angeles and look to be barely surviving on welfare, for example.

But today, I came across a couple of doozies I thought you all would enjoy.

The first is a guy who folded a dollar bill in various ways to portray how America's Founding Fathers laid out the 9/11 attacks in the dollar bill's design, and by doing some amazing things with numbers sort of extrapolated from when the dollar was designed along with imprints on the bills themselves ... oh, well, he foresees Hoover Dam possibly being blown up this coming Sunday in tandem with the Antichrist's revelation, presumably in Jerusalem (although earlier prophecy pundits, as I recall, had placed his emergence in Rome).

The second doozie is this one: it appears that a Native American woman visiting Oslo was misunderstood by Norwegian authorities in some sort of street confrontation. I could actually see this happening, since she is now suing Norway for the nation's entire sovereign wealth fund derived from North Sea oil, on the basis that she is God.

She's a little wordier than I in this regard ("I, Denderah, Divine ELOHIM, manifest in Indigenous Flesh and Blood ... I am Crown Sovereign Denderah," etc. Yes, there are etceteras).

I hope this lends perspective to my own modest claims in thread posting and letters at the Miner. I only claim to have found myself in a string of unusual circumstances over a period of several decades in a country whose culture and objects of obsession are threaded by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - along with a few other contributors - into Hollywood, indie and some foreign films. Several of these in recent years derived from events in Kingman and Mohave County.

You'll just have to try and understand that a government which can disappear trillions of dollars and excel in the black arts of toying with society's thinking processes ... addendum: I think all the website prophets and psychics are wrong, and that the antichrist will announce himself in Phoenix. He'll be introduced by John McCain. The honor goes to Arizona's senator, for having set up Shimon Elliott a.k.a. Mr. al-Baghdadi al-Quereshi, as head of IS/ISIS/ISIL. Obama prefers ISIL, which includes the Levant, meaning the beheading and absorption of Israel.

I write this letter partially in response to fallout from "The Interview" film, which is one of the films arising out of events which took place in Kingman. Seeing that it's brought us to the brink of apocalyptic scenarios.