Bright lights, big downtown dreams



KINGMAN - A crowd of people gathered around the Kingman Club on Saturday night to watch the sign light up for the first time in decades.

Photographers, local business owners and history buffs applauded when the sign booted up at 7 p.m. on the dot.

The sign will now be part of the "House of Hops," a craft beer bar set to open this summer.

"Although we're renovating the inside, the sign was one of the only things staying original," said Stacy Thomson, owner of the House of Hops. "We wanted to keep it. It's a big part of the downtown history."

Part of getting that sign operational included replacing the neon lights as well as the light bulbs around the sign. A part that makes the lights circulate wasn't operational on Saturday, as its replacement must be custom made because of how old the sign is.

Thomson plans on lighting the sign a few hours every night throughout the renovation.