Older Than Dirt: Best Friends

I think most people my age have a best friend. Usually it is from way back when you were just kids. It seems that those friends who stay with us from childhood are the most treasured. Maybe it is someone who lived next door, or sat next to you in one of your classrooms.

She is the girl who you would stay up all night with at a slumber party, talking about boys until the sun came up. The one who you promised to raise your children with when you got old and married. Someone you could share your most important secrets with, and she would never tell, even without a pinky-swear. The one you would listen to Elvis songs with on the record player that played your 45s.

Even though this friend may have gotten you into trouble over the years, you both can now just enjoy the memories and laugh at the dumb stuff she got you to do. Like the time she talked you into using some spray hair color, and the gold got all over your clothes and turned your hair green! They even threw you out of school for it. Each and every time, you swore you would "never listen to her" again!

This friend is the one who always shared the last cookie with you, even if she were hungry too. The one who would help you make up the perfect story to keep from getting in trouble with your parents. The one who taught you how to shave your legs, even though you cut the crap out of one of your legs and carried the scar forever.

I am blessed to have such a friend. The one who is always there for me. The one who forgives me for all my mistakes and shares in all my accomplishments. The one who always treats me with respect and values my opinion. That one person who you can laugh with, cry with and sometimes do both with. (Even though she would often call you a big baby)

You may be totally different in many ways. Sure there are times that you disagree on things and even debate certain subjects. Maybe you like red and she likes blue. You may even be a dog person, and she likes cats best. She may do things completely different from how you would. She watches reality shows, you watch cop shows. Yet somehow you still manage to make it all work for you.

Friends and family may never understand just how you can be so close when you are truly so different. Sometimes you may even ask yourself, "How do we manage to get along?"

Even in your senior years, this friend's loyalty does not waver. You still share all the news of your grown children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Your friend is the person you laugh with about how well you remember 50 years ago, but now cannot always remember yesterday. When you are having a bad day, your friend will try to make it better. And you, of course, will do the same.

If something tragic should happen, your friend is the person you always know is there for you, wanting to help in any way they can - just as you are there to comfort them. Maybe you are the stronger one of the two of you, but it doesn't really matter.

No matter how angry you get at each other, you always forgive. A true friend can never stay angry for long. You realize that neither of you is perfect enough to judge the other. You may not say it often, but you know you love each other very much.

Not only have you shared many things throughout your life time, but you also shared the same parents.

(Sister, this one's for you)