Beyond the Mainstream Media: Congress Makes Some of the Right Moves

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

The new Senate did a near all-night session which included the Keystone XL pipeline, and with amendments actually allowed - and from both sides of the aisle. That's the correct and democratic way to do it, and the opposite of how former majority leader Harry Reid did things. But even more astonishing than being back to business was the fact, in that one night, they did more business than Reid did in the entire year of 2014.

All the public ever heard from the mainstream media was that the Republicans never presented anything to be voted on. Try to envision how many times you saw Obama, ever on the stump, anywhere he could dredge up an ill-informed, liberal audience, laughingly saying if the Republicans ever presented anything, maybe the other side would vote on something.

Truth is, Reid sat on over 300 presented bills, never to see the light of day, every bill Obama told him to sit on. And while I am correcting liberal lies, the lie that the other side had no alternative to Obamacare needs to be corrected. There were at least seven alternatives to Obamacare presented.

Speaking of Obamacare, were any Republicans given time to read the 50-pound bill? A bill so profound and significant as to cost a fortune we don't have and alter every single American's life in very significant ways. That includes Medicare recipients, since $700 billion was stripped out of it to pay for Obamacare. It was known from the beginning Obamacare could not pay for itself.

Had Republicans even read a little of it, would amendments have been allowed by Harry Reid? Of course not. Rammed through late at night at Christmastime, no-one having read it or presented amendments; it was immoral, illegal and plain damned stupid.

It appears sanity and an end to lawbreaking may be back in our Senate, and not a moment too soon.

Over to the House. Speaker Boehner has lawfully (the House isn't the Executive branch) invited our good friend Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before both the House and the Senate the first part of March. To this I say, "Hallelujah Speaker Boehner."

As you might expect, the petulant child in the White House is outraged. Leaked out is the fact he has done all he can behind the scenes to try to ruin Netanyahu's chances of winning his upcoming election. This makes my blood boil! Israel is the only free country amidst dozens of Muslim countries, all of which want Israel destroyed, the West taken down and any Israeli leader dead, especially Netanyahu.

It is no secret that Obama blames America for the world's problems. It is no secret he despises our friend Benjamin Netanyahu as evidenced by his deplorable, asinine and childish treatment of the Israeli PM on his visits here. And it is no secret that Obama always sides with the Muslim countries.

So inept is Obama at foreign policy, he has botched it in Yemen, Syria and Libya, and now hates Egypt because the Muslim Brotherhood is out and the new leader has the guts to tell it like it is about Islamic extremist Jihadists, words Obama and staff are unable to even say. China has just declared we are a weakened country under Obama, the Saudis are terrified by the ineptitude of Obama, and the Iranians are thrilled to death with Obama because it helps them on with their plan for a new Persian empire. He has befriended enemies of our country and dissed our friends.

What better time for Boehner to invite Prime Minister Netanyahu, a war hero who lives daily in a sliver of a country that every surrounding country wants obliterated. We need to hear Netanyahu's take on Iran and what is really happening. The Prime Minister takes caring for HIS people seriously, something Obama treats as a joke.

How do I know this? Open borders, military down to before WWII size, illegals welcomed in and given help getting jobs when Americans are begging for jobs, and then this disgusting act.

While making known he will not even see Netanyahu on his visit here (as if that is not embarrassing enough before the world and an emboldenment to our enemies), Obama two nights ago entertained three You Tube stars in our White House. One, a grossly overweight 50-year-old woman who wears green lipstick and goes by the name GloZell on You Tube, has a bikini video with a thin girlfriend. The video is so lewd, you must prove you are over 18 to even watch it. And then there is her famous Fruit Loop and milk bath video.

Wasn't that meeting really beneath the dignity of the office?

To make matters worse, GloZell asked a few questions, one of which was what could be done about race problems and the police, the connotation being white cops are against blacks.

Obama started the answer with "most are doing a tough job and doing it well" but he just couldn't leave it at that. He had to add that there are still biases in society that require training to overcome. He didn't mention that since he became POTUS, race problems that barely existed are now flourishing.

He did get one thing right. Some people apparently do need help getting over their race biases. Starting at the top, that would be Obama himself, DOJ head Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and race hustler Al Sharpton. A little truth thrown in couldn't hurt, either, including the FACT that it was Democrats forcing blacks to the back of the bus.