Letter: I claim the right to four wives

OK, it is official, I want my heterosexual white marriage over-sexed "privilege" too. I want the holy government to make it "legal" for me to marry more than one woman. Since now the holy government said that gay marriage is legal, I want to have the right to marry at least five women, but I will settle for four, since the economy sucks thanks to Obama.

Why should I be discriminated against? Under the 14th amendment, I want equal protection under the "law."

I promise to be fair and enforce affirmative action in my choices:

One white wife;

One Asian wife;

One brown wife;

One black wife.

If you are gay and you do not support my right to marry more than one woman, you are a bigot ... and you just might be a racist, too.

I have applications ready for potential wife candidates. Applicants must be over 18 and must apply of their own free will. We do not accept welfare.

I promise I will wash dishes once a week.

For applications, go to www.Zanna.US

Luca Zanna

Golden Valley