Letter: Industrial park process flawed

I am wondering why our leaders want to build an I-40 interchange at "Kingman Crossing."

One of their reasons is to make it easier for truck traffic to access the airport industrial park. The way things are going, there will be nothing there for trucks to deliver to or pick up.

The June 26 edition of the KDM states that Cives Corp. offered $1 million for 25 acres of property. That's $40,000 per acre. If someone offered that amount to me, I would have the deed in their hands immediately.

But NO. We have to go through the "process." This "process" is enough to scare any potential employer from looking at Kingman.

Just like when Tesla Corp. wanted to build their battery factory, the knowledgeable Mr. Riley explained that Tesla would not be a good fit(???). They now build batteries in Phoenix. What happened to Guardian Fiberglass? Gone.

If we actually want the industrial park to thrive, we need to change the "process" and maybe even find another "director." We can't afford to keep scaring away good employers.

Dave Bacon