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4:52 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Obama Strikes Again

It's now been 16 days since Kathryn Steinle was shot down on Pier 14 in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant with a record: seven felonies and (at the least) his fifth time to enter the United States illegally. And not one word out of the White House on it. Not a single phone call to the grieving parents, nothing.

Let's remember the droves of federal people who were sent to Florida for the Trayvon Martin shooting, to Missouri for the Ferguson shooting. The reason the Steinle's have been ignored is obvious - there is no way for Obama to spin this one to his advantage since he is for sanctuary cities and it is he who has directed ICE to not deport illegals. ICE instead dumps those committing prior crimes out on the American streets after six months.

Instead, the big news is the Iranian deal. We lose in every way, all sanctions lifted and this total cave by the United States ensures Iran will have nuclear weapons at some point. It is an insanity so unbelievable I, among many others, are reeling. I can only imagine how the citizens of Israel must be feeling today.

The low info left wingers are spinning it as a great victory for Obama, a legacy achievement. Those on the right, with brains and a love for both the United States and Israel, are truthfully stating sanctions, BIG sanctions, on Iran is what works when working with Iran.

As Obama's Secretary of State Kerry caved and then caved some more, we must remember, this is the man who during the Vietnam War lied under oath against his fellow soldiers in Vietnam and was CAUGHT in the swiftboat lies by other soldiers who were there with him. And now he represents us as our Secretary of State? That's almost as bad as Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

The best we who love America and Israel can pray for is that those young Iranian dissidents who, hating the tyrannical Iranian government they are forced to live under, will rise up again and this time, not be ignored by America as they were ignored last time by the Obama regime when they begged for our help. Meanwhile, Christians, journalists and others remain, tortured and dying in Iran's prisons, something that was not even brought up during negotiations.

There is something terribly flawed with this interloper, Obama, raised in a Muslim country and knowing nothing of our American ways. There is something even sicker about American liberals, raised here, knowing our ways, backing insanity like this so-called Iranian deal.

The more I am hearing of the deal, the more I think I might have to start drinking. It is apparent Obama wants the United States disarmed, but he helped arm Mexican cartels and now is helping Iran get nuclear weapons. God, please protect us all from this very sick man.