Older Than Dirt: Show Me the Money

Linda Varon

What would you do for money? Sister and I often get into discussions about reality shows. She watches many of them and I hate them all. I know I have said to her at least once, "If you ever want to torture me for some reason, just tie me to a chair in front of the television and leave it on a channel of reality shows."

I do admit that once in a while I do enjoy watching Cake Boss, and I have been known to take an occasional peek at The Chrisleys. I think the ones I hate the most are the ones where people are tested for how far they are willing to go for money. Eating bugs, killing small animals for food. Those unnecessary things actually anger me. What would possess anyone to do this sort of thing?

Sister thinks that people will do just about anything for the $50,000 to $1,000,000 prize at the end of the season. Myself, I wonder how much truth there is in that.

I remember an old episode of Two and a Half Men. Charlie asked his brother Alan what he was willing to do for money. Lots of it! One of the questions was, "Would you be willing to put your dingus in a bee hive for a million bucks?" Alan hesitated for just a moment, then had to agree that he just might consider doing that.

I have begun asking people what they would be willing to do for money. Would you appear naked in a magazine for $10,000? That person came back with a yes! While having lunch at a Kingman restaurant today I asked a stranger what she might do for money. She said, "As long as it is legal, I would do it for a Klondike bar." Kidding of course.

Most people would not do something they feel is morally wrong, at any price. But then again those moral boundaries can change quickly for the right amount of cash.

Would a strict vegetarian eat a Whopper? I bet they might just once, for the right price. But I wonder what that price would be. I wonder if it would be based on how much you needed the money. I have heard it said that, "For the right price, people will do just about anything."

Another person I posed this question to had this to say. "I really can't think of anything I would do just for money, but I do have the finders-keepers thing going on. If I found money somewhere and did not know whom it belonged to, I would NOT look for the owner."

One of those questioned said that he would steal money in a heartbeat, if he thought someone did not need it and was flaunting their life style. Assuming of course, he had some access to the money.

We already know that people will murder for money. They will steal, as well as lie and cheat. How important does that make money? Does it depend on your needs, or do you perhaps think the world owes you something? Is it the EASY money most people want, or are the majority of us willing to work our whole life to have a decent retirement?

Money often changes people. However, I personally feel that good people will always remain good people whether they have money or not. How they choose to spend their money says much about their character.

Every time we buy a lottery ticket, we take that step toward the easy money. Who does not want to win a lottery? Honestly. Maybe not even for yourself, but to help others in need. Family, or even that pet sanctuary.

I don't imagine I would do anything illegal or what I consider immoral for any amount of money. But then again, I could have a price and not even know it.