Letter: Live in Kingman? Act like it

This is not California. When someone lets you in traffic, wave or give them a thank you smile. When I'm going the speed limit or a little over, you think I'm going too slow so you speed up and pass - mostly over a double line. In a checkout line you're rude. You push people out of the way to get something. You never say, "Excuse me." You give a dirty look to someone if they don't do what you want.

This is not California. Here we know everybody by name. We respect everybody. We are like family. You moved here because you wasted all your water with your selfish attitude. You bring your spoiled rotten kids who haven't a bit of respect for others.

This is my town. If you can't have any respect for it, leave and take someone else with you! Kingman doesn't need the likes of you.

So if you are planning on staying, act like Kingman natives. Don't bring your California attitudes here. I just happen to like this town the way it was.

Don Bryggs