UniSource offers to pick up old refrigerators

KINGMAN - In an effort to help residents lower their monthly electric bills, UniSource Energy Services will pick up old freezers and refrigerators at the homes of the company's customers - and mail them a $50 rebate check for the privilege - when they update to an energy-efficient model.

The company in a statement said older, outdated refrigerators and freezers use more energy than do more efficient newer ones, and hanging on to them actually costs customers money and wastes energy.

The discarded freezers and refrigerators will not go to the landfill, but will be recycled, according to UniSource.

JACO Environmental disposes of any toxins and ozone-depleting chlorofluoro-carbon gases in the foam insulation, according to its website. The company said that more than 95 percent of the old fridge or freezer is either recycled for beneficial use or discarded in an environmentally responsible manner.

The only work required of customers is to make an appointment by calling (855) 559-2524 or by going online to uesaz.com/recycle.