Letter: Improving a country in decline

In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. In the beginning, God implemented His original intent. That is to say to ensure observance of His laws and rules. However, humankind over time changed what matters for the worse. Human nature did not allow humankind to follow God's laws and rules.

In 1500, Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, wanted to reform the Catholic Church. Martin Luther wanted to change the church for the better to correct abuses or malpractices.

As I see it, people like to reform (change) the original intent for the worse. Then people like to reform (change) the worse for the better. For some reason people like to experience cycles. That is to say, a cycle between good and evil, just as the Israelites did in the Old Testament times. As I think about what I know about psychology, it's easy to change what matters for the worse and it's hard to reform what matters for the better.

As for our country in decline, it's going to be hard to reform what matters for the better. As I see it, the people have to change (reform their ways) to reform issues for the better. The people must have the will to reform the worse. We are a nation under God and we need God in our lives.

Johannes E. Johannsen