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10:00 AM Wed, Oct. 17th

Older That Dirt: Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

Sister and I were watching a TV show about a veterinarian who cares for livestock and other animals you would not normally see at someone's home. At one point they showed us a couple of baby warthogs that needed some attention.

Now you might think a baby warthog would be hard to look at. However, Sister and I both thought they were simply adorable, these pig-like creatures with fur that looked like some kind of wire.

Their snouts were probably already the size of a full grown pig. And they had several warts already growing on their little faces.

How could this be cute, you ask? Who knows? Maybe it was because they were babies. I actually do not think that ALL babies are cute! I have run across a few in my life time that were indeed difficult to look at!

How does this happen? Two reasonably good-looking people can have a baby that looks like a creature from the black lagoon. Thankfully, they usually get better looking as they grow older. Yet, I still wonder how such a mix can produce someone who looks so bad. I know you have had the same thoughts at least once in your life. It's OK to admit it.

I think that there are many kinds of beauty. Some people are so beautiful on the inside that they actually have a radiant look on the outside that not everyone would be aware of. Then, of course, there are those who look like a fashion model on the outside, but they are so not nice that their outer beauty is really not so great after all.

I was certainly NOT an attractive child when I was growing up. In fact, it was Sister who all the boys went after. Not only was she very cute, she was wearing a bra at 10 years old! That sure did not hurt her attractiveness.

I was a klutz! I knew it, and accepted my fate. When mother used to say, "You can be anything you want when you grow up" I wondered if she actually believed that. It was already pretty obvious I would NOT be a ballerina! Parents do try to give us confidence, and assure us that we are beautiful, even when we already know that we are not.

I think it is a job for all parents to raise their kids to have self-esteem. If your own parents do not think you are good looking, how could you or anyone else think so? Thus the old expressions, "A face that only a mother could love," and "A face that could stop a clock!"

I think I actually remember when a friend of mine was trying to "fix me up" with someone. I heard her on the phone. He must have asked, "What does she look like?" I know I heard her say, "She has a really great personality." Everyone knew what that meant! Thankfully, I did grow out of my awkward stage at about age 40.

I always looked much older than I was, when I was growing up. My mother would have to come to the ticket window with me when I was going to the movies with friends It cost more to get in if you were over 12 years old. I was maybe 9, and they thought I was just trying to get in for less. This actually worked well later on as I was able to get into a bar at 18 with no ID required.

Some folks are just born with beautiful features, and they could not look homely if they tried. These are usually the "cool kids" you remember from school. You know, the ones who looked at you like you had a fungus growing all over your body? Usually, it is the not so beautiful ones we find ourselves becoming lifelong friends with.

It is always nice to look for these "cool kids" on Facebook and hope they are no longer attractive. Sadly, most of them still are! And worse yet, they have great looking kids and grand kids as well.

It is easy for people to say that looks are not important. For most of us, they are not. But to be honest, I have to admit that when you are looking for a job, boyfriend or a husband, it can make a difference for sure. If people are not comfortable with the way you look on the outside, how will they ever know what a wonderful person you might be on the inside? I have heard it said that "Only the blind can truly see us for who we are." There is a lot of truth in that.

I believe that we can find beauty all around us, if only we would take the time. There is beautiful music, beautiful art, beautiful animals, beautiful sun sets and best of all their are beautiful people in this world, and they are everywhere.

It may be a sibling, a cousin, a former teacher, or even your mail-carrier. If you can look past the outside and into the heart, you will surely find their beauty.

Maybe beauty is "all in the eye of the beholder."