Beyond the Mainstream Media: Thoughts on the Charleston Massacre

Almost as heartbreaking as the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church church massacre of nine innocents is what, for years, has preceeded this. The evil was perpetrated by an angelic-looking 21-year-old white man who first sat among the now deceased for one hour before shooting them.

Since his first year in office, President Obama has pushed strife between the races and this is already being considered a hate crime. Obama and his complicit wife Michelle have done all they can to stir up bad memories, convince people blacks are still treated badly in America, and to faithfully push their Saul Alinsky discord training.

Never a mention, of course, that young blacks have a 50 percent unemployment rate in many cities as this administration continues to let illegals come in and take yet more jobs that American youth of all races could be working. Having a generally inert economy due to higher taxes and more and more regulations also hurts the chances for employment.

Mrs. Obama has reminded young graduates, eager to enter the world with their dreams that, remember, her black skin made people think she was the hired help. No mention that, black or not, she is still the first lady of the land.

And President Obama reminded us all in one of his two books on himself that even his white grandmother was a racist for she felt afraid when passing blacks on the street. Again, no mention that his white grandparents raised him after Obama's bizarre mother dumped him on them during his growing up years.

On and on, the racial divide that didn't even exist under the George W. Bush administration has gone for over six long, long years with the Obamas.

So it was no surprise that this morning, Obama quickly got before a camera to say how horrible to take this violence to a house of worship, a house, incidentally, that he has not entered in his six-plus years as POTUS in spite of rarely missing the liberation theology "hatred for whitey" church he faithfully attended with Michelle for some twenty years, even being married there. But he does entertain and celebrate Muslim holy days in the White House, a religion that completely denigrates other races such as the Jews and considers all women chattel.

I can't help but believe Obama has an inner smile, not that he celebrates innocents being slaughtered (although thousands of Christians and Jews being slaughtered world wide has hardly caused him to even take notice, much less intervene), but that he celebrates that this is just one more sad event that he and other race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can use to drive wedges between the races in America.

Next, of course, like clockwork, the gun haters will again descend on us in droves. There will be no mention, of course, that one person with a gun has many times taken down a shooter, thus saving lives.

My thoughts and many prayers will continue for the AME church family. I attend a church myself that has not only a white population but many blacks, American Indians and Mexicans. I'm sure we would all like to believe in our many church events each week that we are safe from harm. But always in the back of my mind is the fact that in the Mid-east, Muslim extremists often burn Christians while they are in their churches or slaughter them as they come out.

As long as we have the head of our country pushing discord in every area, we will continue to see violence in America escalate. The Bible teaches us to put holy men at the head of our governments, and if we do not, the warning of what we will reap.

We are living it in real time.