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4:45 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Guest Column: In White House, black deaths matter sometimes

We're all grieving over the Charleston church shootings by a young white man who used money given him by his parents to purchase a gun.

His obvious racial hatred is unfortunate, but while we've come a very, very long way, southern states are where the Democrat Party founded the KKK. There will always be those few who harbor racist, anti-Christian feelings.

It didn't go unnoticed by me that this young man was also on psychiatric drugs, as have been nearly every young mass murderer in our country in the last few years.

And, as usual, the president has already used the Charleston massacre to push his anti-gun agenda, going as far as accusing America of being the violence capital of the world.

It isn't, of course, and to name but a few where worse has taken place (Norway, France, South Korea, England, Germany, Russia, Serbia), you have to wonder if he is so concerned about the violence, why has his administration set it up with ICE to release hundreds and hundreds of convicted illegals into our own American streets, many right here in Arizona where 151 convicted murderers walking free.

On Jan. 27, one of them, 29-year-old Apolinar Altamirana, a convicted felon with self-admitted ties to the Mexican mafia, shot point blank 21-year-old clerk Grant Ronnebeck in a Mesa QuikTrip store because he was counting the jar of coins dumped on the counter too slowly.

When Altamirana pointed a gun in Ronnebeck's face, the young clerk tried to just hand him the cigarettes for free, but Altamirana shot him dead anyway, stepped over his body (on store video) and took two more packs.

And then there is this. Last 4th of July weekend in Chicago, 82 people were shot. Sixteen of them died. All the shooters and all the dead were black. Not a word out of this White House. Blacks shooting each other doesn't seem to be a very high priority by this administration. It's all about political agenda, not dead blacks.

For the record, I care that young blacks are killing each other as much as I care that psychiatric drugs are still being handed out to children as young as elementary school age. Roof had taken Suboxone, a prescribed drug known to cause violence in all too many taking it.

And again, I see no national healing being pushed by Obama, only his usual politics of division and attacks on the Second Amendment.

What a pity one church member didn't have a gun as Dylann Roof reloaded five times, but the good church members were all following the law in their state.