Letter: Is anybody actually in charge around here?

I have lived here since 1997. I have not seen one iota of improvement in the environment of the neighborhoods in Birdland, Butler or Golden Valley. These are just a few areas in the backward, back-sliding county that are simply disgusting in weeds and trash.

What do the county supervisors supervise? It seems the offices of authority are under their rule. And yet nothing is done to help the good citizens who keep their homes and property in good appearances and repair while they are subject to unkempt places all around them. This brings their properties down in value and safety.

Most of the offenders who are destroying neighborhoods are renters. They don't care. Why don't the landlords screen their tenants better and check on their properties from time to time? Doesn't it get expensive to have to clean up and repair again and again when a tenant departs?

Isn't there anyone in authority intelligent and not afraid of the offenders who destroy? Someone who values the good citizens?

It seems many crimes of drugs, thefts, violence, etc., come from these neighborhoods. For instance, when the post office had their food drive, the food I put out was stolen. The solar lights from my yard were stolen. Other items in my neighborhood were stolen. And many homes in the area were left in deplorable condition after a renter left, and no sign of the landlord to remedy the situation.

Also, there are many abandoned properties being vandalized. Can't those in authority do something? Contact the owners, whatever? Remove these homes, clean up the lots? This shows how backward and back-sliding this county is.

So what do the county supervisors supervise?

Terry Rockey