Letter: Parents ignore their bullying child

This is about bullying at one of the local restaurants that have play areas for children. My granddaughter and I had that experience in early June when she was visiting for the weekend from Pahrump, Nev.

I thought we'd come and let her play, then eat. As I was sitting enjoying an ice cream, I could hear my granddaughter, 4 years old, mind you, telling someone to leave her alone. She came down and told me a boy kept poking her in the chest. I told her just to stay away from him.

Not two minutes later I see him punching her repeatedly in the back. I yelled, "hey" and she came back down crying. Some young little girl came down and told her mother that it was her brother doing it. I looked at them and said, "Well?" They looked at me like a deer in headlights and didn't say a word. I became livid and said some choice words (which I do apologize for now). I could not believe the parenting.

My granddaughter (still crying) put on her shoes and we left the establishment. They need an anti-bullying sign (for the "parents"). My granddaughter is afraid to go back. Who can blame her?

David Custer