Smith's cool can't keep 'Focus' afloat



Will Smith is really cool - that's basically all my friends and I could say about the movie "Focus," and we all agreed that was really the most the film had going for it.

In this movie, the Fresh Prince plays a con artist who pulls off truly unbelievable scams and even nervier gambles, all of which make almost no sense if you spend longer than 20 seconds thinking about them. All of these scams include really elaborate setups that shouldn't be possible, probably cost way more to pull off than any potential payout, and try way harder to be flashy and impress the audience watching than to actually make sense.

That said, there were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments (for audiences who don't mind some really raunchy humor) that I really loved, and the soundtrack was awesome. Speaking of getting jiggy with it, it was also nice to see Will Smith switch it up and not play just a straight-up nice guy for a change; his character, while still cool and charismatic as always, is definitely not his typical good guy/hero that he usually plays, which I found refreshing.

(I never saw Hancock, which I'm told I should be grateful for.)

What I didn't find refreshing was Margot Robbie's character ... whatever her name is. I've honestly forgotten, that's how useless her character was. I kept waiting for her character to become more than "hot, completely helpless girl who would be lost without the other (male) characters and only exists to be used (in more ways than one)," but that moment never came. Oh well, at least they were able to get a few period jokes in there. Because, as a female, I totally related to her the instant she used the "period/headache" excuse to get out of sex. Yay, feminism!

Anyway, I admit the film was entertaining and for those who like flashy, convoluted schemes that involve hot girls, fast cars, and whose purpose is to bring down the "man" and rob him of his undeserved riches, I recommend "Now You See Me."

However, the R-rated (no nudity, but plenty of not-safe-for-kids language), 100-minute long "Focus," really isn't worth it. I give it 2 out of 4 Miners.