Letter: Plenty of good comes with growth

I am a resident of Kingman for the past 25 years. I own a home off Airway and see no reason why the property owned by the city shouldn't be sold to develop more shopping and eateries. We could certainly use stores such as Target, Dillard's and eateries such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback and Applebees. I also wouldn't mind a Costco or Sam's Club.

The way things are now, people have to go to Bullhead City, Lake Havasu or Vegas to use any of these stores and the city receives no revenue from this shopping. I hear all the time, "let's shop locally," but there are not any stores for us to shop at.

RAID (Residents Against Irresponsible Development) should change its name to CRAP (Citizens Resisting All Progress).

I once lived in a town in New Mexico that for years fought against growth until the citizens realized that bringing in more shopping and eateries also brought in more revenue for the city. They built a large mall and major stores came in and the town started growing.

Something else that I don't think any one has thought of, is that building in the Kingman Crossing would bring in shoppers from Wikieup and the area east of the I-40/93 interchange.

Also, shopping in the area would reduce traffic on Stockton Hill Road.

Wake up, Kingman.

Katheran Claborn