Guest Column: Be concerned about Kingman Crossing

Wake up, Kingman! The Mayor and City Council are trying to overturn your vote!

In the Nov. 4, 2014 election, the citizens of Kingman voted to retain the General Plan. Why are they now attempting to change the outcome of that election, and so soon after the citizens of Kingman voted? What is the big hurry?

I do not believe that their proposal to alter the General Plan from "open space" to "commercial" and then seek to sell the property to a developer is in the best interests of those who live here.

We have property available for development in the city right now. Let's fill in the places that are already zoned for commercial enterprises and/or have the infrastructure in place to do so.

Why does this unidentified developer think he can interest new businesses in coming to our area when I've always been told we don't have the population or the economic base to attract them? There are only so many people in this town who shop and spend money. If we have another shopping place, it will simply pull the buyers from our already existing places.

Stockton Hill Road may become less traveled, but it also will lose business, like our downtown did when Stockton Hill was developed in the late '70s and early '80s. Downtown is just now beginning to show signs of rejuvenating. People who travel Interstate 40 won't rush to come to our new stores. They will shop when they get to their destination.

Once we fill up our open space, it is gone forever. We need open space to help keep our little town from becoming smog-filled and an unhealthy place to live.

Not long ago we were concerned about our water situation. Have we addressed all the issues about the amount and usage of our water?

Why are we in Kingman so eager and willing to give our town away to developers? Shouldn't we be opening our town to manufacturers and clean industries that bring in a better wage?

If we concentrate our energies in that direction, we eventually will have the economic base to bring in more shopping and restaurants.

Let's not put the cart before the horse. Let's grow smarter and not just bigger.

Let the Mayor and City Council know that you do not want your vote overturned. Call City Hall now! (928) 753-5561.