Beyond the Mainstream Media: Net Neutrality hearing offers a hint of what we're in for

Watching Congressional hearings on C-Span always reveals something you didn't quite get from the mainstream media.

FCC head Tom Wheeler was in the hot seat Tuesday. A Democrat, today I learned Wheeler was on Obama's transition team, something Obama said was a conflict of interest himself in 2008. That's when Obama picked another young man who had been a fellow Harvard student and worked for the Clinton administration, then for Obama as a techie for his 2008 campaign.

Wheeler, under oath, was unable to recall exact meetings he had been called to at the White House directly before rolling out Net Neutrality this time. Nor could he answer why numerous Democrats, after those meetings, said "this is Obama's policy" or Obama got what he wanted in NN.

But FCC committee member Pai, under oath in another hearing said after the White House meeting, Obama got everything from Wheeler he wanted, was also advised no one was to speak of the meetings. However, the two Republicans on the FCC did speak under oath.

And what they spoke of was not what all the young people think Net Neutrality is even about. It is about finding a fix for something that works just fine and needs no fix, making it more expensive, and inevitably cutting into your freedom with government intervention. In other words, it's just like everything else in the Obama administration, where the government is seizing control of more and more of your life.

The best Wheeler could say was, if it said he was at the White House on his calendar, he must have been - but he couldn't recall.

OK, some days I can't recall if I ate breakfast but I probably would remember if the POTUS called me in to tell me what HE wanted under Net Neutrality and I was the chairman of the FCC. I probably would have taken copious notes also.

Digging deeper is troubling. Wheeler, 40 years in and out of this business, had told others he would not go along with Obama's plan to run the internet as a utility but would move in a new direction intended to pacify huge internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. The Washington Post reported he told Google, Yahoo, Etsy and others he favored a more "nuanced" solution (to WHAT problem?) but would acquiesce to some of the POTUS's demands.

The Post went on. Wheeler think's Obama's plan - something of a Hail Mary attempt to get young and tech-savvy voters energized to vote for the Democrats - is too simplistic.

There's that other thing Obama always goes for. Getting more Democrat voters, especially ones he knows aren't savvy about our incredibly intelligent Founders and the Constitution they produced giving us the longest-running Constitutional Republican with the most freedom than anywhere in the world.

He's fixing that freedom part for us at breakneck speed.

My understanding is that having one of his transition team members on the FCC is in itself a conflict of interest.

After the White House meetings, the FCC suddenly swerved, saying the press had taken Wheeler's comments out of context - he wasn't sure on a solution for Net Neutrality.

It was also reported that Wheeler was "visibly frustrated" during the White House meeting, telling those in attendance repeatedly, "I am an independent agency" and finally that he would have to"split the baby" to keep both sides happy.

Wheeler spent many years as a lobbyist for large telecom companies and in D.C. for The Wireless Association, America's main wireless lobbying group. He supported limiting net neutrality policies and argued the FCC should leave big businesses to do what they wanted.

And Obama had originally stated he would never hire a lobbyist to work in his administration, but he broke that promise almost immediately.

We do know a couple of things. The 322 pages concerning Net Neutrality were not allowed to be viewed by the public and it now IS Obama's plan, despite Wheeler's desires.

We also know Obama has had this "fairness doctrine" planned since before he even became POTUS in an effort to take over free speech in our country.

It will take years ... if ever ... to right our ship of state after the damage Obama has done to it. Net Neutrality will be just one more disaster on the pile of broken dreams left by this charlatan who can't even produce a legitimate birth certificate six years into his presidency.