Guest Column: Simple test will answer vaccine question

In response to Arden Druce's timely letter about government mandated vaccinations, I must agree wholeheartedly and add these comments of my own.

All of this decades-old raging controversy about whether or not vaccines cause autism could be settled so easily that it is ridiculous. No double-blind studies involving 1000s of participants over many years is necessary.

Simply do a "double blind" series of independent lab tests for the alleged presence of mercury in a widespread sampling of vaccines. The "double blind" comes in where the labs don't know the source that they are being paid to test.

Neither do the suppliers of the vaccines know that their vaccines are being diverted from people to labs for testing.

This double-blind feature assures that the supplies are not manipulated by the supplier, and that the labs are not being paid off by Big Pharma.

If the lab tests show the actual presence of mercury in the vaccine samples, the answer is clear: the government/pharmaceutical companies are poisoning our population. If no mercury or other deadly toxins can be found in the vaccines, then Big Pharma is off the hook ... for now.

At least until it can be proven that a massive mix of antigens all thrown together (like trying to vaccinate against the flu, mumps, measles, chicken pox, shingles, polio, diphtheria, smallpox, bubonic plague all in one shot), and all of this "scorpion soup" - scratch chickens - being given to youngsters, even babies, who are likely to be ill-equipped to handle such a conglomeration of deadly disease elements ... where was I? Even the concept of doing such a thing is mind-boggling.

It has also got to be baby-boggling. No wonder our kids get autism, mercury or not!

Anyway, it mystifies me that the so-easily-provable presence or absence of mercury in our vaccines has not been settled decades ago. You want to make claims? Bring proof. It would be so easy to come by.