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12:38 AM Sun, Feb. 17th

Letter: Changes will help the Internet

The misinformed opponents to the consumer protections afforded by net neutrality continue to cut and paste utter nonsense pulled from scurrilous Internet sites.

With the passage of net neutrality, we will be protected from Internet providers who feel they know best what we should be allowed to say or read. As an example, Verizon told the FCC they have the "right" to "edit the Internet" and claimed they also have the right to determine what we say or where we visit online. So much for the individual's right to free speech on the Internet - though in retrospect, if it would shut down the silly birther and other goofy nonsense, it might be worth it.

What we will also miss will be the attacks by corporations, who provide Internet access, on our pocketbooks as they contrive ever more schemes to charge Internet users additional fees for access and services.

We will also miss AT&T and Verizon picking and choosing who they select as "winners and losers" in the Internet access game as they use the Internet as their own private playground.

What we will see is an Internet that will enable everyone to connect to everything without government or corporate interference while stopping those ISPs who feel they have the right to become self-appointed censors with the ability to slow down or even block applications and contact as they see fit.

The continuation of an open Internet will maintain an Internet that has proven to be good for all levels of business, providing for innovation and allowing technology to compete and succeed.

So once again, ignore the naysayers who know not of what they speak, but simply cut and paste nonsense.

Bob Moore

Lake Havasu City