Letter: Since when are supervisors the water experts?

In the March 17 edition of the Miner, there was an article about the county and rules for water supply. I am so happy to know that Mr. Moss and company have become water experts. I never knew that Mohave County had "dwindling water resources." This is nothing more than a typical knee-jerk reaction to something that is perceived to be a problem to which the all-knowledgeable county supervisors have a solution.

Since when is it the job of the county to regulate water? Oh, I know that's not what they are saying now, but this is an open door to more regulation and higher water prices and taxes. I do believe that the state of Arizona is responsible for water usage and they actually do have people who know what they are talking about.

In this world we have enough to fear without making up stories about how we will run out of water in a few years. Our county supervisors are no smarter than you or me when it comes to water sheds and aquifers, so don't be fooled by this constant drumbeat of the sky is falling. The state doesn't seem to be worried, so I won't be either.

Hats off to Supervisor Buster Johnson for voting against this overreach by the county. Let's concentrate on repairing roads in Mohave County and let the state worry about the water.

Glenn Agee

Golden Valley