Guest Column: Original intent: Is it gone forever?

As I see it as I look back when I was experiencing the childhood years, people were focused on everything involving original intent.

As I see it, the 1930s and '40s were the Golden Years. The Golden Years for radio, for comics, for movies created by Columbia Pictures and for a good education.

People experienced the original intent of the Golden Years. People had a sense of right and wrong.

In grammar school I was a member in 4-H and in the Boy Scouts. In high school I was a member of organizations within the school. These organizations were created to follow the original intent.

The schools focused and followed the original intent that provided a good education. The schools focused on moral principles, moral values and moral excellence.

After high school and attending college, I was drafted. In the military at that time the original intent existed for the military. After experiencing the military I finished my education, I worked for a living and I was a member of Rotary. The Rotary was created in 1905 and their original intent was established.

My point is that most things that involve membership involve belonging; belonging involves original intent.

My point is that in the beginning of my life, original intent existed. We were one nation under God.

But as my life on Earth is coming to an end, the original intent no longer exists. We are no longer one nation under God. In God we no longer trust. We no longer do what is right and we no longer avoid what is wrong.

As I see it as I look forward in the present, the future and experiencing retirement, I realize that the original intent is ignored and the Golden Years do not exist during retirement. Getting old diminishes wealth and health.

As I see it, the people over my lifetime no longer follow the original intent about everything. Our politicians no longer follow the original intent of our Constitution. They are ignoring the Constitution and the people are allowing them to get away with it.

As I see it as I think about it, it will be difficult to go back and to return to the original intent. Wrongdoing is so rooted in our culture it would be impossible to return to the original intent. Civilizations in the past died.

Their original intent was ignored and they were unwilling to return to their original intent.