Older Than Dirt: The Easter Bunny Cometh

I am so enjoying all the Easter stuff in the stores. Easter has great color, and who doesn't like the Easter Bunny? I don't know if he appears anywhere these days, but I do recall some old black and white photos of sister and I with a person dressed as a bunny. I will assume that it was someone hired by the store, much like the Santa Claus guys. Although it really could have been just about anyone. People didn't check into those things much back then.

One of the best things about Easter was getting a week off of school! It was indeed called Easter Vacation. Not spring break, semester break, teacher break, or any such thing. It was called Easter Vacation because it was the week before Easter Sunday. Now that makes sense!

Back in the day, we were also allowed to celebrate Easter in the classroom. The bulletin boards would be covered with cut out eggs that the students had colored. Room mothers were still allowed to bring food and we often got a small Easter basket, as well.

Hiding eggs was the highlight of the school day that Friday before we were off for the holiday. (It was when no one had allergies, and we got to hunt for REAL eggs!)

Years later, I was blessed to share Easter with the grandchildren. I got to hide the eggs and watch them as they hunted. One Easter I do recall that my basset hounds also participated in the back yard hunt. My granddaughter figured out quickly that if she just followed the dogs they led her right to the eggs! Those hound noses are amazing.

Indeed, it is a time for Peeps, jelly beans and, of course, the Cadbury egg! That sweet nugget they always manage to have at the check-out at the grocery store. Sure, you might resist all the sugary Easter goodies, but the last chance Cadbury egg will often take you down!

Funny how the food thing just seems to go with every single holiday. Or perhaps it is just another excuse to have a great time, and eat too much.

It is also a time for some folks to visit their church again. Those who might have skipped a few Sundays will often reconnect with the congregation to celebrate the religious significance of Easter.

However you may choose to celebrate the holiday, it usually means spending time with family. Other than those who actually dread the thought of "spending time with family," the rest of us look forward to it. This will be the first Easter Sunday for my great-granddaughter. Lots of egg hunting left for this one.

So we will bake the ham, make the salads and desserts and have a super Easter Sunday with those we love.

Wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER, and if you don't celebrate Easter just have a good day anyhow.