'Sniper' grabbed hold of audiences; 'Witcher' sequel looks good

'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'

'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'


American Sniper (2014) - Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner

Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into a legend. Back home with his wife and kids after four tours of duty, however, Chris finds that it is the war he can't leave behind (IMDb). This film exceeded expectations on so many fronts: the script, Cooper's performance, the pacing and methodical attention to sound editing. It's one of the best war films in recent memory, and one that will stay with you for a few days after. I cannot recommend this enough.

The Immortalists (2014) - Martin Starr, Dina Shihabi, Paul Wesley

Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call "blind to the tragedy of old age." As they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones, their scientific journeys ultimately become personal (IMDb). Watching the trailer and reading up on this film, I can't help but be intrigued. It's a documentary that feels like a drama, pitting two men against time and nature and how mankind attempts to exercise its dominion over its very mortality.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) - Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Adam Scott

When Lou finds himself in trouble, Nick and Jacob fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past - which is really the present (IMDb). I'm not going to lie: I loved the first one, and I'm really looking forward to watching this one. Adam Scott can easily fill the role Cusack vacated. Don't come in with huge expectations: it's a raunchy comedy stacked with comedians.

Strange Magic (2015) - Alan Cummings, Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Kelley, Meridith Anne Bull

Goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion (IMDb). This was a film written by George Lucas for his daughters, and one that has been in the back of his head for over 15 years. That doesn't make it a spectacular film: It made a measly $12.5 million at the box office, and critics didn't care for it at all. For a computer-animated kids film to be produced outside of Pixar and Dreamworks is quite rare these days.

Love Sick (2015) - Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter, Adam Rodriguez

The story of Charlie Darby, who has everything going for him: a great job, friends, family, the whole package. The one thing Charlie doesn't have is love, because every time he gets close, he goes clinically insane. When he meets the perfect girl, Charlie must overcome his psychosis to claim his chance at true love (IMDb).

Video Games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (XONE, PS4, PC)

Geralt of Revia is back in CD Projeckt RED's critically acclaimed open-world series. The Witcher games are known for their open-world exploration gameplay and complex storytelling branching throughout the in-game world. The studio rebuilt their custom game engine from the ground up, creating one of the more visually stunning games to date and a world that has no loading area or breaks in gameplay. Gamers have been waiting for this one for a few years now, and all early looks point to a product that isn't going to disappoint.


Maximum Ride Forever - James Patterson (384 pages)

Legions of Max fans won't be disappointed by this encore episode in the beloved series about the incredible adventures of a teenage girl who can fly. As Maximum Ride boldly navigates a post-apocalyptic world, she and her broken flock are roaming the Earth, searching for answers to what happened (JamesPatterson.com). This young-adult book is the ninth novel in the "Maximum Ride" series and Patterson's 137th book, his seventh this year.

The Ghost Fields - Elly Griffiths (384 Pages)

The chilling discovery of a downed World War II plane with a body inside leads Ruth and DCI Nelson to uncover a wealthy family's secrets in the seventh Ruth Galloway mystery (Goodreads.com).

Seveneves - Neal Stephenson (880 Pages)

What would happen if the world were ending? A catastrophic event renders the Earth a ticking time bomb. In a feverish race against the inevitable, nations around the globe band together to devise an ambitious plan to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere, in outer space (Goodreads.com).