Flood insurance rate map release set for Dec. 2

KINGMAN - Mohave County Flood Control District, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will release new effective flood insurance rate maps to communities in Mohave County on Dec. 2.

The new maps will help community officials and local residents identify current flood risks and will be used for flood insurance, land use and development decisions.

The new maps revise and update information on the existence and severity of flood hazards in the unincorporated areas of Golden Valley, Mohave Valley and North Lake Havasu. The new maps are based on the latest, detailed ground elevation models, decades of rainfall and storm gauge information, and recent topographic data.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to review the new flood maps to learn about local flood risks.

Property owners can use this information to discuss flood insurance options with an insurance agent. For example, property owners with buildings newly mapped into a high-risk flood area should be eligible for a lower cost flood insurance rating option.

Mohave County Flood Control has draft copies of the final maps available for public viewing or they can be viewed online at http://femadraft.mohavecounty.us.