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8:18 PM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letter: Boycott' comments were fun

I recently read a letter titled "Boycott talk" on Oct. 25, 2015. The letter was only mildly amusing, but the comments were fun - specifically comments by Ralph Hill. Like many of his comments, they are error-filled.

In his comment(s) to that letter he said:

"... in 2004 2 GOP operatives went to prison for jamming the phone lines to the "democrat get out the vote offices", got out and wrote a best-seller, "How to Steal an Election"!"

Obviously a book Ralph Hill never read. The author of that book was Andrew Gumbel. He is a Brit and a contributor to British newspapers. He is a liberal and has been a contributing writer for the Huffington Post since 2005. In no way is he a "GOP operative," a conservative, or someone who has done a stint in prison.

Since he is a reader of the Huffington Post and comments there from time to time, I am amazed Ralph Hill got his facts about Andrew Gumbel so wrong. Scratch that last sentence; I am not amazed at all that he got it so wrong.

Ralph never lets actual facts get in the way when he writes his hilarious comments. In one of his three comments, his last for that letter, he wrote:

"But any half wit can google it!;-) If you do not like something that is your right but you cannot (write) history nor can I."

Really Ralph? Maybe you should learn how to do an inter-net search so you can take your advice.

Ed Finnesey