Bison plan out of committee

Measure would allow hunters to manage herd

KINGMAN - With over 600 buffalo continuing to reside in the Grand Canyon National Park where sport hunting is forbidden, Rep. Paul Gosar helped get through the U.S. House Resources Committee a bill that would allow the Arizona Game & Fish Department to manage the bison population that is threatening both natural and cultural resources on the park.

Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have previously introduced identical legislation in the Senate that ultimately would allow the Commission to set rules where bison could be removed by sport hunting from the park.

If approved, the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act would require that the U.S. Dept. of the Interior and the Arizona Game & Fish Commission to coordinate on a plan that would allow sportsmen holding a valid state issued hunting license to assist in the management and removal of the bison.

"The bison population is exploding and this issue needs to be resolved now," Gosar said. "The bipartisan, bicameral effort passed with unanimous consent by the Committee will protect Arizona's greatest treasure, the Grand Canyon, from this species in a responsible manner."