Column: In the war on Christmas, who are the bad guys?

Those who claim there is a war on Christmas continue to fire blanks. The bombs are duds and the missiles miss their mark every time.

I don't make this statement lightly. I understand some Christians feel they are under siege by atheists and secularists and humanists and pragmatists of all colors and stripes.

They say we can no longer say Merry Christmas for fear of offending someone. I'm sure some people get offended when we offer the greeting, but that's their problem. We can't always tell they are not Christians just by looking at them, although we're probably all guilty of making that assumption from time to time.

The fact of the matter is, nothing the government does, nothing these anti-Christian and anti-Christmas groups do will take away Christmas.

The reason isn't because America is a Christian country founded on Christian values. The reason is because big business is running the show now and, by God, we're going to have Christmas whether we like it or not. The "season" begins in October when we are bombarded with holiday shopping commercials and stores redecorate, with aisles and aisles of Christmas decorations, trees, bulbs, wrapping paper, bows, string, statuary and other items they want us to believe we simply cannot live without.

There's bikes for Junior and skates for Missy and flatscreen televisions and iPads for mom and dad and the teenagers. There's cars for the big spenders and model cars for the not-so-big spenders and drones and phones and pine cones.

There's Baileys Irish Cream and peppermint schnapps for the hot chocolate dream. There's ham and turkey and brisket and jerky. There's rum for the punch and I've got a hunch they've got cookies to munch.

Christmas is not so much about the birth of Christ because this is no longer our zeitgeist. We're programmed to spend money and that ain't funny when prices are so high we have to max out our cards just to get by.

The pressure isn't about spreading the love or the peace of the dove. The pressure is on our wallet however you call it - we have to buy ourselves into the poor house.

So when we say there is a war on Christmas, we are partially right, but it isn't the scrooges that want to put out the light.

It's the big stores who depend on our green, they've co-opted a holiday to make us open our spleen and spend our money like we're rich as a queen.

It isn't about the birth of a savior, it's about selling this year's most popular flavor. The government and big media play the game, telling us to go bankrupt or Christmas just won't be the same.

My advice to all who think Christmas is under attack would be to remember your childhood, go ahead and look back.

How much has this holiday changed? We had no Black Friday, a day for the deranged. We exchanged modest gifts and we gave praise to God, but we didn't go broke, that would be odd.

Call me the devil, tell me I have no soul, but the finger you point should aim at the roll of all the dough you'll spend until you're deep in a hole.

Christmas is all about family and friends, it isn't about going bust keeping up with the trends. Jesus, I'm sure, doesn't think it's a debate, he doesn't want this to be our fate, his life he only wants us to emulate.