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4:27 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Ben Carson is Right - China's Deep Involvement in Syria

First things first. Sincerest thoughts and prayers to our oldest friend and ally, France and all those affected by the 11-13-15 Paris terrorist attack. 129 dead, 350 wounded, 99 critical, some undoubtedly American as was one 20-year-old Cal State student, her life suddenly taken while studying a year in Paris. Our prayers will continue.

Shouting "Allahu Akbar," there's little doubt who's behind the attacks, and ISIS is taking credit. One dead terrorist, registered as a Syrian refugee on Leros Island just last month, puts new fear in many that Germany's Angela Merkel and others, including Obama, are welcoming Syrian refugees with little to no vetting, a surefire way for jihadists to infiltrate the West.

Hours before the massacre, President Obama had announced ISIS "was contained." No surprise there, for he and Hillary were the head of the Keystone Cops that thought ... and pushed ... the Arab Spring; apparently thinking it would be like our American Revolution, spreading Jeffersonian Democracy across the Middle East.

How's that working out? We see the carnage daily, in Syria, Libya, at one point in Egypt when Obama's beloved Muslim Brotherhood stepped in, only to be run out. We can thank Obama and Hillary for their incompetence in this human carnage and suffering, especially on Christians. Obama has not the metal to do what is right; instead, he is simply hanging on until he is out of office.

It would be necessary to quit referring to each incident as separate and put the whole together. ISIS is setting up a worldwide caliphate and they want all non-Muslims dead. And they are getting better at killing larger numbers of us. And the necessary action is to go in with all the power and might we can muster, including allies, and take ISIS and their safe havens out, period.

We train our military to take out the bad guys. We need to unleash them to do just that. Fifty boots on the ground here and there only puts those soldiers in more danger.

Which brings me to last week's Republican debate where Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, asked if he supported sending fewer than 50 special ops troops to Syria, remarked on the complexity of Syria including that the Chinese are involved.

Soon after, the White House pounced, putting Carson down for his so called erroneous remarks about Chinese involvement, indicating he's stupid, basically.

Except Dr. Carson was right, as many, including David Volodzko of The Diplomat have carefully laid out. It's much more that I, not in Obama's staff, but instead a housewife, retired office worker and gardener, was able to ferret out.

China has been exporting missile technology to Iran to the tune of $4.25 trillion for years, effectively arming Syrian forces (HongQi-7 SAM systems, Crotale R440 SAMS), second only to Russia supplying arms to Syria. So as China arms Iran, they in turn arm Syria ... and Obama makes a deal with Iran. Anything wrong with this picture?

"Complicated," Dr. Carson said? You better know it.

Syrian rebels have been found using Chinese missile technology, while out of one side of their mouth, the Chinese are saying we should take responsibility for the refugee crisis in Europe since our Middle East policies have resulted in wars and chaos, displacing large numbers of people.

China offsets its lazy propaganda against America by donating humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees ($16 million last year), but again, while still providing Iran weaponry which has resulted in the displacement of those very people. By comparison, we donated $4.11 billion for humanitarian relief.

I could probably agree with China's remarks if it weren't for their own lies and complicity in Syria while at the same time voting against four UN resolutions to intervene there. And of course, there is China's own immorality in the way they run their own country ... including forced abortions.

It isn't only selling SAMS and technology thru Iran to Syria. Let's take a look back at their complicity ... and direct selling to Syria.

In 1988, despite U.S. opposition, China sold M-9 missiles to Syria. U.S. diplomats were able to persuade Beijing to cancel the delivery.

Under Bush 41, the Chinese were caught selling weapons to Syria. Secretary of State James Baker postponed a Beijing visit until China promised to stop. They promised but a few short months later were again caught arming Syria.

They then began selling missile components to Syria and in 1996, were again caught selling missile technology to Syria. In 1999, China sent 10 tons of powdered aluminum to the Centre des Etudes de Recherche Scientifique (CERS) in Syria, which operates their missile program. Continuing through the 2000s, China then proposed a Syrian Scud production center. From 2006-2010, China was one of Syria's top five providers of conventional weaponry, this during Syria's 30-year occupation of Lebanon and after Bashar al-Assad's father had died and he took power.

In 2012, a Chinese diplomat stood in the UN and demanded an end to violence in Syria - even as China was continuing to pump weapons into Syria. Russia and China both expressed disbelief at the 2013 report of sarin gas use by al-Assad on his own people, in spite of the fact the sarin gas was traced to the state-owned China North Industries (Norinco).

China promised to investigate and Norinco denied involvement but was later caught selling sarin gas to South Sudan, known for razing villages, raping children and burning people alive. Oh yes, China promised to stop selling to Sudan.

No one has done more to help Syria's military aggression towards Israel, Lebanon and its own people than China and Russia. Dr. Ben Carson was exactly right.

However, there are even more complexities. Hillary Clinton's objective in having the mission at Benghazi was to ship weapons to Syria from Libya, weapons that she had rounded up after helping kill off the Libyan leader. However, we still don't know what faction she was shipping them to in Syria. Benghazi was Hillary's baby entirely, as her boss Barack Obama put it. With her plan falling apart, she lied, letting our four Americans die.

And then there are factions who believe al-Assad is and was the lesser of two evils in Syria; that he wasn't really the one who killed his own people but got the blame for it. He is, after all, a doctor and has stated being a doctor was all he ever wanted to be before his father died. And his wife is a beautiful British woman.

What we do know is that Dr. Carson was right. China has a presence in Syria and has been providing all types of weapons and intelligence to them for years. We don't really know who the good guys and the bad guys are in Syria. We DO know ISIS members are demonic monsters and need to be completely destroyed, sooner rather than later or we will fight them on our own streets. And we know Iran never keeps any deals and we need to quash the one Obama made with them. Also sooner rather than later. We need to stick with what we know.