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4:26 AM Tue, Nov. 20th

Older Than Dirt: Spare me the drama - please!

Do you know the difference between an inconvenience and a real problem? I have often used this example to get my point across. "An inconvenience might be when you are getting pictures taken with the family and you wake up with a big zit on your face. A REAL problem would be if it turned out to be cancer!"

I know that leaves a whole lot of wiggle room between the two.

Some people, especially the younger ones, seem to have no wiggle room between these issues. Everything that could or does go wrong in their life is monstrous! They seem to deal with every disappointment, change of plans, dentist appointment, etc., with the same attitude. If it does not fit perfectly into the plan, it is a disaster!

They have usually seen very little in the way of real problems in their lives. Yet they carry on as though they have been through some major hard times. These crises could include losing their cell phone, finding an ugly picture posted of themselves on Facebook, or worse yet, finding out their boyfriend has the hots for their best friend. Oh, the shame of it all.

At what age do we learn to take things in stride? When is it that we realize we need to find a balance between not so good and a real tragedy? Do we first have to suffer a major loss to appreciate what we have? For some, these lessons in life can come early. I believe that the loss of a parent while you are still a child is one of those times. It's a time when you still believe that the good guys always win and the tooth fairy is real - and then suddenly your world changes.

Teenagers go through a period of time when you are not sure anymore just who they are. You look at them and have to wonder what happened to that sweet, adorable kid you thought you were raising. If you have done a good job with them, and taught them what you thought was the important things in life, you just have to wait it out! Eventually, they just may return to being that person you always wanted them to be, shedding the remnants of the creature from outer space that you have been living with.

I am thankful each and every day that I am NOT raising children anymore. It was tough enough the first time. If only we had the wisdom, when we really needed it! It is always easier to look back and think about some of the things you could have done better. I tip my hat to those of you who have taken on raising kids again, for the second time.

Years ago, when soap operas were called "Daytime Drama," that is where the drama was. It seems that now we are bombarded with the drama of the Kardashians, and many other celebrities. Do people really care if Kim is pregnant again? Apparently, there are many out there who actually do!

In the old days, at least we followed the stars - actors, singers and the like. I am still confused as to what talent it is that the Kardashians and their friends possess. I know they are not singers or actors, so what is the big draw here? It must be the family drama!

What ever did some people watch before reality shows? Is that really what reality is? There are those with many wives, those who drive trucks over ice, and it just goes on and on. Maybe I am just getting very old. I don't give a hoot WHAT those people are doing, and whether or not it is real. I can honestly say that Kardashians and others like them are of no importance to me.

At some point in our lives we all need to stop and smell the roses. Accept your friends and family, and be glad you have them. Stay out of the petty bickering and do not encourage drama. I think there is already enough of that in magazines and on television. Even the six o'clock news will often have something to say about who is now hooked up with whom.

I guess there will always be those who fuel the fire and add to the drama while the rest of us just want peace. Pick your battles carefully, my friends. Life can be hard enough. Try to be a part of the solution and not make situations worse than they are. Spend your time on the things that are important to you. None of us knows just when those choices will no longer be available. Keep unkind thoughts to yourself, and spare the rest of us.

And leave the drama to the paid actors..