Letter: A better use for Splash Pad money?

I read the article about the Splash Pad in Sunday's paper. In my opinion, this seems to be a waste of money. We already have two public pools. Why not make them free so all families can have fun? Some people can't afford a trip to the pool. They have to make a choice of whether to eat or play. Kingman owns these pools. Upkeep is all that is necessary. I do not know if these pools are free and clear, not the issue.

So you want to spend more money on something that's going to be free anyway. Gotta get more tax money to pay for the upkeep of this free amusement.

I really think this money would be better spent on homeless folks, helping people in need of paying a deposit to become independent, so many more worthy places to spend this money. All it would become is a free baby-sitter for parents who have better things to do besides raising their kids.

And if it gets all the funds to go forward, sure seems like a more central location with businesses around so people could walk to get a burger and drinks or whatever, again more family oriented and less having to get in a car and drive to the park and then drive for food.

Michelle Thompson