Letter of thanks: KRMC compares well

On Oct. 1, my wife's health problems, driven by two strokes, then two recent broken ribs from a fall in our doctor's examination room, and further complicated by prior back maladies (and operations), had landed her in bed for three days on water and pain meds. I finally overruled "I just need to sleep" and took her to KRMC, again.

First time was a stroke in April 2015. This time she spent four days in the hospital.

She has prior hospital experience and I have had two major cancer operations in large California hospitals, so we had something to compare to.

Her treatment, room, food and care were outstanding. The doctors and nurses (Christine R. was wonderful) to "Jack" the guy who took her for multiple "scans" (he could make a bear laugh) were second to none.

My earlier two-day "kidney stone" visit was not a fluke! This is an experience that makes our '08 relocation to Golden Valley justified and our faith in "protecting our health" well justified. We would recommend KRMC "best staff yet".

Garry and Marilyn (Kim) Saylor

Golden Valley