Letter: A life-saving trip to the hospital

On Sept. 23, I was sent to Kingman Regional Medical Center by my family doctor. I had a few symptoms that needed to be checked out. After getting the usual checkout, I was seen by a doctor (wish I knew his name) on staff. I was told that they were to do a scan of my chest and abdomen since I had lung cancer the year before. After seeing me walk to the bathroom, this incredible doctor asked for a scan of my head, not my chest, and that's how he saved my life! I had a brain tumor! I am hoping that he sees this letter because I don't know how to thank him for taking care of me.

There have been many complaints about KRMC in the past and even I have been critical at times, but thank God that they are here to help and thank God for doctors like the one who saved my life that night!

Glenn Agee

Golden Valley