Letter: Thank God it wasn't cancer

Because I am financially impaired (poor) and have no computer access here at home, I have been unable to thank people who deserve it during my recent, lengthy health problems. Therefore, thanks to Rich Thurlow and friends at the Miner, I will do so now.

First, I thank Don and Spence (my family) for putting up with me when I was unable to help them. Thanks to the patient and considerate ladies at the Mohave County Library for always going above and beyond to find books for me to read. Thanks to Pastor Alex and the Praise Chapel congregation for delivering a beautiful memorial and feast on Aug. 8, 2015, for my sister, Donna Dunham. Thanks to neighbors Fred and Charlene for being there for me during their own times of trouble. Thanks to the great folks at LHC radio station KNTR; I love you all, too!

Thanks also to John Graves Propane, Wal-Mart pharmacy personnel and all of the citizens of Mohave County who were kind to me even though they didn't know me "from Adam;" God bless you all. (To the people who were mean to me, I don't like you, either!)

But above all else, I thank God it wasn't cancer!

Signed with great affection,

Jan E. Freeman

Golden Valley