There is so much to gain with a spiritual food diet

The Holy Bible hosts a fascinating blend of long tedious passages that I can hardly take in (let alone remember), names I cannot pronounce (let alone remember), riveting tales of passion and adventure, and from beginning to end, a staggering multitude of "wow" factors intricately woven throughout an undeniable love story. Since I have grown to want more of God in my life - and my life did not go well without Him - His Holy Word (the Bible) has become the mainstay of my spiritual diet.

My little dog, Katie Beth, begs for her treats. She'll stand at my feet, wag her tail, and look up at me with imploring black eyes framed in her pretty white fluffy face. She knows how to tell time. I've heard that dogs can't tell time, but you can't convince me.

Regardless of the household activity, Katie Beth knows when it's noon and five and I can set my clock according to her, "Please, please, time for my treat." Either she or I have succumbed to the slight memory impairment of the elderly, and she takes full advantage, asking for more and more treats throughout the days.

I check out her food dish, and when she's hardly touched it, I tell her emphatically, "Katie Beth, food first." After a few more tail wags, she will comply and chow down on the more important staple in her diet.

It's not often that I have the chance to sink my teeth into a riveting and marvelously written secular literary work. I happen to be reading "Unbroken," albeit in small snatches as my schedule will allow. Its author, Laura Hillenbrand, has brilliantly penned the incredible World War II account of Louis Zamperini, the first Olympic four-minute-mile runner, and the horrifying experiences he and his fellow Army Air Force bombardiers endured on the Pacific front.

Fatigue compelled me to go to sleep leaving Louis wounded and trapped far below the ocean's surface in a B24 bomber that had crashed. In the middle of that night I found him miraculously freed and managing to secure the life rafts for himself, his wounded commanding officer, and a guy who ate up all the skimpy rations in the night.

You can imagine that the next morning found me chomping at the bit to return to those pages of unending "wow" factors.

I hadn't read God's word yet, and so I beseeched Him, as I do for too many things throughout my days: "God, I really want to get back to this book."

Laughing aloud, I grabbed up my Bible and shouted, "Food first!" So I read from God's precious Holy Word to find many heavenly "wows," and now He's given me this article to write.

I feel better when I've eaten breakfast before charging into my day. I feel better when I've feasted on God's wholesome and substantial spiritual food before charging into my day. And it's not even about feeling better. It's about putting our Lord, our King and Savior FIRST. It's about a closer walk with the One who loves us enough to have died for us, a horrifying bloody sacrificial death, that we might live. What bigger "WOW" could there be? I can't live indefinitely on treats, and thankfully, God knows when to say, "Food first!"

Dianne Finnegan Wilson is the author of "Out of the Desert, Softly," "Findng the Flowers in a Prickly World," and "Boldly I Come, Lord." You may email Ms. Wilson by visiting