Editorial: Use the laws we already have

I don't know what this says about the people I get email from, or what it says about the guy they are sending it to, but the iPhone/cookie has been popular, having shown up in the inbox three times in recent weeks.

If you haven't received this email (spoiler alert - it's not really funny), I'll explain. Some guy has dark cookies baked in the shape of an iPhone, and icing makes it look a little bit more believable. The point of the exercise, I suppose, is to grab a cookie and hold it up to your ear when you see a patrol car. Then, ha ha, you'll have a great laugh with the officer after he pulls you over to cite you for talking to a cookie while driving.

You say there's no law against pretending to talk to a cookie while driving? If there are distracted driver laws already on the books, I'd say talking to a cookie applies.

Same with texting.

The larger issue here is whether there is any well-intentioned proposal brought by a citizen or group to the City Council that the Council will actually decline to take action on? Bans on smoking in areas of parks and in some cars have already passed feel-good muster in recent months, inviting more interactions between law enforcement and people who just want to be left alone.

Just once I'd like someone on the Council to say there are already enough laws to go around. If they ever do, I'll spring for some iPhone cookies.