Letter of thanks: Public needs to hear this story

To the paramedic team who came to answer the 911 call, the emergency room staff, doctors Johnny and Tyler and the nurses, assistants, ICU nurses and staff who worked tirelessly for hours to save the life of Robert Vaughn: I want the public to know what you did.

The doctors took the time to personally talk to me, to Robert's son and each of his siblings (who live out of state) on the phone, explaining the situation extensively so that tough decisions could be made.

I have never realized how much these people personally care about a person they have never met. The doctor actually cried with me when the time came to say goodbye. He was not the only one, as the ICU nurse was right there crying also.

The KRMC staff always hears the bad things said about them and to them. Hopefully, they will read this to know that there are people who care about them, too and can never rightfully express the appreciation and thankfulness that they deserve.

My hat off to you all, as I could never do what you do for us. Please never quit, as we need you. I need you and want you all. A "thank you" does not seem enough.

Sandy Brown