Letter: Trump, supporters will get cheated

OK, here's what's coming. Mr. Trump will go to the Cleveland delegate convention with over 10 million Republicans having voted for him.

Cruz and the super PAC boys are going to cheat us out of our choice. On a second round vote they, by dealing, bullying and the devil knows what, predict that the will of the voters will prevail. Mr. Trump, I further predict, will announce that he is withdrawing from the Republican Party and running on a new party. For purposes of this prediction, I will call the new party the Freedom Party. Mr. Trump will then ask the 10 million plus Republicans to re-register as members of the Freedom Party, leaving the Republican Party behind.

He can (and here's where it gets sweet) call on the Democrats and Independents who could not vote for him in the primaries to re-register as new and welcome members of the Freedom Party. He could request registrations and intent to register as Freedom Party, potential senators, Congress members and others who would help make America great again! As Republicans in droves joined Freedom, current legislators would switch to follow the voters they need to remain in office. The Independents could help to mold the new party and would have a chance to have a home vote in the primaries and more.

With a choice of Hillary or the socialist, I believe many Democrats would switch to have an opportunity to help shape the new party. Not welcome would be the super PACs and backdoor people who recruit Rubios and Cruz types. This is a chance to take control away from those who scoff at our Constitution and sell us out for personal benefit.

Garry "G.V." Saylor

Golden Valley