Solar array plan is not a good idea (Letter)

So, the solar panel array development planned to go in on Route 66, south of Valle Vista, is a done deal. The developer has been working on it for several weeks already, and has stated that they would not be plowing on windy days. Really? Then what was that mile-wide cloud of dust hovering over Valle Vista on Tuesday? Our collective imagination?

Apparently these outsiders don't realize that plowed desert dirt remains loose for months if there is no rainfall, and a stiff wind will send tons of it skyward.

Speaking of plowed desert dirt, isn't alfalfa supposed to be green? That acreage north of Long Mountain that is supposed to be planted with alfalfa is nothing but loose dirt.

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista

Editor's note: The dust cloud from high winds March 28 was on property for a planned nut farm.