No, Mohave County doesn't need a 'dog pound' (Letter)

Recently, Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson was quoted as saying he favored a dog pound over a humane society. That may be his opinion, but I would venture to guess there are many people who would disagree with him.

Animal lives do matter! When a "pound" takes in an animal, it will have merely days if not adopted or reunited with its owner. Then it is euthanized. As soon as the kennels are full, some are euthanized to make space.

The Western Arizona Humane Society has worked long and hard to change the reality of the crowded and underfunded Kingman shelter from a "kill" shelter to one that saves lives. Staff has connected with rescues and area shelters to place animals in better situations. Fundraising efforts by caring community members have helped improve the lot of the shelter animals. It is tragic this may come to an end due to the Board of Supervisors' decision.

Why should we care about the fate of these shelter animals? Companion animals play an important role in our communities. I can't even begin to list the number of happy endings we have seen when an animal connects with the right person. Sometimes these animals impact their people to the extent they will say something like, "Buddy saved my life!"

A pet can provide a person with purpose, companionship and so many other things. My own adopted animals, feline and canine, have enriched my life in countless ways. My own shelter dog has been trained as a therapy dog and brings joy to elderly residents in several facilities. She is my second WAHS adoptee to do this work.

Let's not go backward to thinking a pound is what we need in order to save money. What is overlooked here are the countless lives of animals that might otherwise end prematurely. The Western Arizona Humane Society is nonprofit and its staff truly cares about the welfare of animals. There is a proven track record there. Can we say the same about those who might want to make the shelter a profitable venture?

Jenny Anderson, WAHS volunteer

Lake Havasu City