Trump's rising tide will lift America again (Letter)

Am I the only one who believes that a hugely successful businessman-developer-builder who has employed thousands and woke up New York and restored it to beauty and power could not do the same for our beleaguered country, with powerful and successful friends to call on, a Reaganesque attitude toward our enemies and the courage to tell Japan, South Korea, etc., that they have milked our economy enough to pay for their protection with armies of their own? And if they need help to do it, they can pay our military advisors' cost and buy weaponry from us!

I am not alone! Along with 8 million plus so far, and that's only registered Republicans, with plenty of registered independents and Democrats waiting to join the bandwagon - and many more states not voted in a primary yet! You haven't heard the last of Mr. Trump in spite of national columnists treating the above flock like we can't see our lifelong Republican party about to tell us millions what is good for us. Then promote a party hack nobody - Canadian born junior senator from Texas (who claims Florida as his home) - lying lawyer who the majority of us don't want! He has done nothing to prove himself and proudly claims a communist country (Cuba) as his birth site. He is a sniveling loser cut from the cloth of the super PACs, John McCain and Mitt Romney who couldn't beat a slug named Barack Obama. Current slug Cruz will do worse, electing Hillary or that damned socialist Sanders.

We need to ditch the super PACs and national press who do more damage than good. Bashing a voter's choice? The PAC-controlled Republican Party that would cast aside our choice (by a lot) is starting to smell rotten! And Roger Simon, the columnist, is unworthy of his column!

Garry "GV" Saylor

Golden Valley