After shots fired, an arrest on a weapons charge

Kim James McDade

Kim James McDade

KINGMAN - A 59-year-old Kingman man faces a felony weapons charge after he allegedly fired four shotgun shells during a dispute with neighbors Tuesday in Cedar Hills, east of Kingman.

Kim James McDade was arrested after Mohave County Sheriff's deputies responded to his neighbors' home in the 10100 block of Lan Drive at about 6:30 p.m.

The callers, a husband and wife, told deputies they heard multiple shots from McDade's home after McDade accused them of killing his dog.

The callers said they did not kill any dogs and asked McDade to leave several times.

McDade allegedly threatened the husband, reportedly saying, "I will take care of you right now" while placing his hand on a pistol.

The callers said McDade left and went home across the street. Then they heard gunshots that sounded like they were aimed at the callers' home.

Deputies went to McDade's home and reportedly spotted four red shotgun casings laying on the ground at the gate. McDade told deputies he does not get along with his neighbors and he accused them of shooting one of his dogs in the past.

McDade denied knowing anything about the shell casings, but then allegedly admitted he "may have shot a gun, but never towards his neighbors' home."

A shotgun was reportedly laying on the porch next to the front door. A computer check revealed McDade is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing firearms, an allegation for which he was arrested and charged.