Beyond the Mainstream Media: WHO IS KHIZR KHAN?

God knows, there's no shortage of Donald Trump getting off message but in the case of Khizr Khan it was out of line completely. Especially now that we know who he actually is compared to what he actually said.

Hillary and the Democrat party used Mr. and Mrs. Khan (and shame on all of them for exploiting the death of the Khan's son in Iraq, one of 14 Muslim American soldiers to die out of 6,885 soldier deaths over there) as strawmen to excoriate Trump for his ban on Muslim immigration plan until we “know what the hell is going on”, build a wall plan, etc.

Asking what Trump had ever done for his country could just as easily have been asked of Hillary, who with husband Bill has amassed a net worth north of $200 million since leaving the White House by taking hundreds of thousands for speeches in Muslim countries and from Wall Streeters (pay it forward if you will). At least Trump has created a few jobs and signed a few payroll checks for others.

As far as asking if Trump has ever read the Constitution and if not (pulling a copy out of his suit coat pocket), he volunteers to let Trump read his, intimating he is a lover of our Constitution to the point he carries one with him.

In fact, Mr. Khan is a scholar in sharia law (studied in Saudi Arabia) who, in his own published writings, approves of the supremacy of sharia over our Constitution, including chopping off hands for theft, beating wives, and death for anyone insulting the prophet.

Paul Sperry reports in 1983, Khan, in a Kuwait seminar entitled Human Rights in Islam, wrote in praise of the keynote address by a pro-jihadi connected with the founder of the Taliban. In his Juristic Classification of Islamic Law writing, Khan writes “… everything must always be subordinated to the Shariah” and “the Quran is the absolute authority from which springs the very conception of legality and every legal obligation.”

That, of course, does not at all jibe with our own Constitution but neither Mr. Kahn nor Obama understands our Constitution.

We have every right to have closed borders against illegals entering our country. We have every right to say who can and cannot enter our country. And despite what Obama has stated, our Constitution doesn't ban religious tests in immigration law. Congress has long made inquiry into religion part of immigration, often to determine if those asking for entry are “refugees” or need “asylum” or simply because we have a right to scrutinize the beliefs of aliens petitioning for entry into our country.

The only law against a religious test is when running for public office. And liberals tend to forget or never really knew we have had moratoriums on immigration several times, often for decades and letting no one new come in.

So who really is Khizr Khan. Surprise! Khan has all kinds of financial, legal and political connections to the Clintons through that same old law firm that came up in another one of my blogs, the mega D.C. firm Hogan Lovells, LLP, formerly Hogan and Hartson.

Kahn is a big-time attorney, worked at the firm, the same firm that Loretta Lynch, now Attorney General worked at, the same firm that FBI Head Comey worked at, the same firm that did Hillary Clinton's taxes for years and the same firm that has represented the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States for years. And of course, Saudi Arabia is a big Clinton Foundation donor, where only 15 percent (or less) of their supposedly charitable money actually goes to charity.

Anytime you deal with the Clintons there is either always money flowing to the Clinton coffers or the Clinton's using people or countries quid pro quo (something for something - read Clinton Cash).

And lies. The lies are endless. We are all sorry for the death of Kahn's son as we are all soldiers' deaths, but Mr. Kahn lied. No surprise there. He's Hillary's old friend.