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1:20 PM Thu, Dec. 13th

Letter: We country folks really appreciate people who speak in plain language

I don’t really grasp all of the new-fangled terms that come out of all the major cities.

Why can’t people talk in layman terms without trying to impress everyone with all those ignorant college words that don’t mean squat? My advice to all those that have to impress others is this: if you can’t use words that have at least some value, don’t bother talking to me or others that can’t understand those college words. Get my drift people?

You might impress most, but us country folks are blunt and to the point. Plus we live simple and don’t like city slickers. We wear our western gear as much as possible, we refuse to buy anything that is from Japan or China. Like it or lump it! We refuse to change our ways so others can be kissed on their butts.

Kenny Lee Barrows