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10:32 AM Wed, Nov. 14th

Letter: Trust and faith in legal system is lost

Our legal system is a joke.

Many years ago I trusted and had lots of faith in our legal system. But now, as I watch the news on TV, I have lost all faith and respect for our so-called legal system.

All they do now is protect the guilty and ignore the victims’ rights. Hint, hint, to Billy K. Sipes who denied me compensation back in 1992.

They even say that it’s unconstitutional and unethical to execute people in prison. Here is my question! Whose side is the legal system really on? What happened to the victim’s rights, bureaucrats? Or do you only play favorites and play footsie with the guilty?

I say shape up or ship out you political clowns! That’s an order, not a request. Get the drift?

Kenny Lee Barrows