Trump? He's just another ear-tickler (Letter)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

This letter is in response to a letter from Jan. 13 entitled "Trump can save us."

First and foremost, no one individual is capable of saving our nation. Only God and "we the people" can fill that bill. I believe Donald Trump is the least likely candidate to even come close to that. Trump is great at saying what people want to hear, but his lack of honesty, integrity and humility do him no justice.

Trump is out for Trump - not the American people. He is self-serving and egotistical, mean-spirited and arrogant. He changes his mind on major issues frequently. He has a track record of donating to questionable individuals. One doesn't hear him support our Constitution in any way. He obviously cares more about his own ego than anything else.

He is not the one to "make America great again." I believe he says that to play on people's emotions.

The American people, unfortunately, have learned little since 2008. I see followers of Trump similar to followers of Obama. They are not critical thinkers, meaning that they don't look at his history or his character. If Americans paid attention to who Obama's friends are and his history, I don't think he would have been elected even once.

People today are making the exact same mistake and it's frightening. Trump is a master at "tickling people's ears," but that's as far as it goes. He, like Obama, makes one wonder where he really does stand on issues.

It's time for the inhabitants of this nation to really do our homework about these candidates. We are too quick to jump on someone's bandwagon because they sound good. Character is key, but Americans as a whole don't seem to care much about that anymore. Is that really who we are? I sincerely hope not.


Carla J. McBride